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3 major safety hazards for your baby"s sleep

Time:2019/1/14 11:10:20

Do not think that the baby stays indoors and sleeps quietly, accidents will not happen, mothers must pay attention to the hidden dangers mentioned in this article. A very small baby sleeps with Mom and Dad. If Mom and Dad don't pay attention, they will inadvertently hold down the baby. This will hurt the baby and even suffocate the baby. This is very dangerous. What aspects of the baby need to pay attention to the parents when they sleep? The picture is provided by the registered user "Struggle on the road", copyright statement feedback
Method / step
1. The bedding is pressed
The disaster has fallen from the sky and has to be prevented. In order to satisfy the baby's curiosity and to develop the baby's intelligence, Mom and Dad will buy a lot of toys for the baby. And these "friends" of the baby, if not put in place, such as the bedside, once they turn down, they will bring harm to the sleeping baby. There are also things that parents usually use, such as drinking cups and other daily necessities. If they are not properly placed, it is also a potential danger to the baby.
A very small baby sleeps with Mom and Dad. If Mom and Dad don't pay attention, they will inadvertently hold down the baby. This will hurt the baby and even suffocate the baby. This is very dangerous.
How to deal with it: Hurry and move things away. Don't rush to pick up your baby. First determine the condition and see if your baby is injured. If you are just scared, you can lick it and ease your baby's emotions. If it is serious, you need to call the emergency number and always talk to your baby before the medical staff arrives. After discovering that the baby is pressed, Mom and Dad should not panic, the baby will definitely react, and take a closer look at whether the baby has been crushed.
Precautions: Let the baby sleep alone in his own small bed, but the baby bed should not be too far away from the parents' big bed, and the surrounding must not be placed higher than the small bed. The baby should also put the toy in time after sleeping. Your baby's bed should also be away from the table to give your baby a safe sleeping environment.
2, finger entanglement
As the body continues to develop, the baby's ability to move freely begins to develop, and he can grasp nearby things, such as the thread or the hair of the parents. Don't underestimate these things. If you entangle your fingers, your fingers will be ischemic, your fingers will be swollen and bruised. If it is serious, it may lead to finger necrosis.
Coping method: Immediately cut off the ropes and lines that are entangled in the fingers, and send the baby to the hospital as soon as possible after the initial disinfection of the blood print.
Precautions: Pre-check the wire on the clothes, let the wires, curtain cords, straps on the hats, and toys with the ropes away from where the baby sleeps. Also don't wear gloves for your baby.
3, fall
The baby will turn over, and after the exercise capacity is enhanced, it is inevitable that the bed will fall. Don't be too alarmed if it happens. Carefully observe the location of the baby's injury and the extent of the injury. Seek medical attention immediately.
How to deal with it: Don't rush your baby from the ground, don't overdo it, so as not to cause other unnecessary injuries. First check if the baby is conscious, if there is any injury, if the consciousness is unclear, the baby does not cry, it may hurt the brain, the situation is serious, you must go to the hospital for treatment immediately; when the hands and feet are not willing to move, when you touch it, you will cry, check Whether it is broken or dislocated, apply cold water or ice to the injured area, and then send the baby to the hospital for examination. If you fall to the neck or back, keep your body flat and make an emergency call. If nothing else, don't let your baby sleep immediately, tease him first, shift his attention and see if there are any subsequent changes.
Precautionary measures: The baby's bed must be equipped with a guardrail, and pay special attention to the width of the railing. The width is not more than the baby's general head circumference of 34 cm. It is best to put a layer of cushion under the baby bed.
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