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What are the advantages of memory foam pillows, and what are the hazards of using memory foam pillows for a long time?

Time:2019/1/14 10:51:05

What are the advantages of memory foam pillows?
1, the wave shape design of the pillow
The waveform design of the memory foam pillow is in line with the physiological curve of the human body, forming a support for the cervical vertebra. The warm-feeling function of the space memory cotton pillow can make the fit of the pillow and the head and neck more comfortable and perfect, and overcome the problem of deformation of the cervical vertebra caused by the suspension of the cervical vertebra when the traditional circular or oval pillow sleeps. This image is provided by the registered user "Tian Xing Jian", copyright statement feedback
2, soft and moderate
Space memory cotton pillows are moderately soft and hard. The magic of it is that it feels soft, but your pillow is not soft. This softness achieves the perfect state of being able to support the head and neck and comfort. A stiff pillow can cause mild numbness or soreness in the head, auricle, neck, back, arms, hands, etc. A soft pillow is difficult to maintain the pillow's good support for the neck and head.
3, good comfort
Due to the unique slow rebound characteristics of space memory cotton, the pressure on the head and cervical vertebra is almost zero, very comfortable, and the blood circulation in the head and neck is good, which is conducive to deep sleep.
4, breathability
Space memory cotton pillows have natural breathability, cool in winter and cool in summer, and can inhibit mold growth, anti-bacterial and anti-mite. Poorly ventilated pillows, easy to sweat in summer, easy to accumulate bacteria, can not guarantee adequate breathing during sleep, children may have potential safety hazards. Memory foam pillows have overcome these problems and become the healthiest pillows of the new era.
What is the danger of using memory foam pillows for a long time?
Unqualified memory cotton pillows have certain toxicity. The slow rebound material used in common memory cotton pillows is a chemical, and its chemical composition is harmful to the human body. Therefore, in the production of memory foam pillows, it is necessary to control the safety index of his slow rebound material, and whether the volatile materials of the slow rebound material are fully evaporated. To see if a memory foam pillow is qualified, depends on whether his safety test indicators pass, and the current slow rebound product test includes toxic and hazardous substances detection, as well as pure material testing.
The biggest feature of memory foam pillows is that the rebound is slow. When you first use it, the effect is very good, but if you use it for a long time, it is not necessarily good for people's cervical vertebrae. Due to the slow rebound characteristics of the memory cotton pillow, the cervical vertebra is not supported when it is used, so it is easy to make the human body dependent. If you suddenly change back to the ordinary pillow, it is easy to travel. Everyone's sleep has different postures, and some people use ordinary pillows instead. So no matter what kind of pillow you choose, you must choose your own situation.
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