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Science to buy a four-part piano pillow: high pillow is not necessarily worry-free

Time:2019/1/14 10:31:17

"The normal curvature of the human cervical vertebra is about 10-20 cm. It can be adjusted when standing upright. It can only be maintained by pillows during sleep." The ergonomically designed pillow is used not only for the cervical vertebra but also for the entire spine. Bending and dorsi muscles are good. Choose the pillow, can relieve the fatigue of cervical muscles and ligaments during sleep, relieve muscle tension, smooth blood circulation, improve sleep quality, promote human metabolism and ensure good health. When purchasing a pillow, you can take a test sleep from the following 4 aspects:
1, the height of the pillow varies from person to person, relying on test sleep
The pillow is too low, and the blood flowing into the head is too much, which affects the blood circulation of the head. When you wake up, you will feel dizziness and edema of the eyelids. Long-term pillows are too high, so that some parts of the cervical vertebrae are over-stressed, directly pressing the neck nerves, headache, dizziness, neck and shoulders and fingers numb, and even can not raise their arms.
The height of the pillows that people need is often different from person to person. It is related to the fatness of each person, the width of the shoulders, and the length of the neck. There is no standard. It is best to have professional instruments for measurement. The average height of the pillow is about 2cm-5cm. It is best to try to sleep when you buy it, and choose the height that suits you best.
According to medical investigations, healthy people change their postures by about 20-45 times during 8 hours of sleep, of which 60% are supine, 35% are lying on the side, and 5% are prone. The height required for the same person to sleep on their back and sleep on the side is different. In general, it is most scientific and reasonable to sleep 2.5 cm higher than sleeping on the side.
2, the hardness of the pillow can not simulate the real needs by hand pressing
At present, the pillow materials on the market mainly include sponge, space cotton, latex, polyester fiber, natural fiber and the like. In addition to the hardness, its function is different.
Sponge is a kind of material with a wide range of uses. The density is low, medium and high. The appropriate density can be selected according to the demand.
Space cotton, which is a memory foam, is a slow-recovery sponge that can adjust the support according to the weight of the human body and body temperature, but it will only sink and will not maintain a reasonable supporting height, and the material is susceptible to temperature and hardness. degree.
Latex refers to a colloidal emulsion formed by dispersing polymer microparticles in water. It has natural and synthetic properties. Natural latex is natural but expensive. Synthetic latex can be made into sponge.
Gel is a thick substance with a special elasticity between semi-solid state between liquid and solid. The main feature is constant temperature, especially suitable for summer use, but it is not easy to shape.
As for polyester fiber, natural fiber and other materials, the advantage is that the specific gravity is light, the bulkiness is high, the gas permeability is good, but the deformation is easy, and the supporting force is unstable.
3, the support of the pillow to maintain the physiological curve of the cervical spine
The support of the pillow is related to its height, hardness and shape. A scientific pillow design is mainly to satisfy the support of the cervical vertebrae, so that the cervical vertebra maintains a natural physiological curve and maintains body building and health.
Therefore, when trying to sleep, you should also feel whether the pillow has enough good support for the cervical spine. Long-term sleep and support for inappropriate pillows are easy to neck and neck pain, stiff neck, and even suffering from spinal hyperplasia. In addition, because the neck length of the person is different, the pillow that can strongly support the cervical vertebra should have a long neck position and a standard neck position. When purchasing, pay attention to distinguish.
4, the health of the pillow antibacterial 3 years replacement
The gas exhaled by people when they sleep, the sweat stains from the scalp, and the moisture and dust in the air can seep into the pillows, which are easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, when purchasing a pillow, breathability, hygroscopicity, and antibacterial properties should also be included in the purchase standard.
It should be reminded that even the best pillows need to be replaced in 3 years to prevent bacteria from breeding in the pillow core (the pillow decoration effect map), thus causing various diseases. In addition, it is recommended that the pillowcase be replaced and cleaned weekly, and the pillow should be cleaned regularly. At regular intervals, the pillow should be washed, taken out and aired for a few hours. For down products and wool pillows that should not be exposed to the sun, they should be placed in a cool, ventilated place to dry. For pillows that are not machine washable, non-dryable, non-bleachable and non-ironable, gently wipe the surface of the pillow with a damp towel for cleaning.
Pillow (pillow core) cleaning and drying too much will affect the quality of the material, thus affecting the support of the pillow to the cervical vertebrae, therefore, it is best to choose a pillow with antibacterial function, thereby reducing the number of cleaning, making the pillow more environmentally friendly Durable and protect human health.
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