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Wenzhou Haorong Latex Products Co., Ltd.Founded in 2009, it is a new company specializing in the development and production of natural latex products, including latex mattresses, latex pillows and other latex products.


The company has a scientific and complete production and quality management control system. All the raw materials of the series are made of high quality imported natural milk collagen solution, which is automated from the ingredients to the whole process of production, ensuring the quality and natural environmental performance of the products, and greatly improvingCapacity and delivery speed.


With the rapid development of the economy in the new century, the sales channels of home textiles are increasingly diversified. With the definition of the ultimate manufacturer, Qirong independently develops, produces, sells, emphasizes resource integration and original production, directly faces the first-line retail channels, and reduces the intermediate links to benefit consumers.In addition, it has won wide market and is highly praised by customers at home and abroad.


Our philosophy: sleep healthy, sleep out of taste, sleep out of fashion, sleep out of culture, sleep at home.Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guide and discuss cooperation.

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